Why McGrath Communications Succeeds

Observe a McGrath Communications Group workshop and you see facilitators actively challenging speakers to master the content and prepare to effectively communicate that content in their presentation.

You will NOT find McGrath facilitators lecturing or “telling” audience members about presenting the content, or attempting to keep speakers awake through some contrived Socratic claptrap.

Instead of getting trapped discussing why speakers dislike various slides, McGrath facilitators prepare speakers to know how to present the content. Facilitators maintain control of the session by consistently challenging speakers to use their inherent strengths to their advantage.

The outcome is immediate, (speakers are engaged and appreciative) lasting (better prepared speakers on assigned engagements) and ongoing (McGrath speakers are known as the best prepared in the industry).

Master facilitators get the best from their audience. There are many obstacles that stand in the way: speakers can get agitated by dense content, or they may object to being required to attend training at all. McGrath facilitators know how to appropriately focus the speakers and challenge them to communicate the content effectively - not complain about it.

Speakers despise condescending presentation skills workshops. But they won’t effectively communicate the content when apologizing for the slides and retreating from the issues. Instead of rehearsing basic skills or backpedalling from the message, we facilitate the speakers’ ability to share the approved content with their audience. McGrath sessions challenge speakers to 1) take proper responsibility for content mastery, and 2) adapt the message to their audiences. Our workshops make the content work to your advantage.

Everyone in the industry knows that retention skyrockets when audience members are engaged and applying what they learn, as they learn. By adapting the tactics of Problem Based Learning (used in most Medical Schools), we keep all audience members engaged from the start, and maintain that level of intensity throughout each session.

Effective training occurs only when master facilitators keep the discussion focused on the key messages. True facilitators harness each participant’s ideas and inherent abilities to maximize everyone’s performance in the field. We gain the respect of the various strong personalities of audience members to establish control, keep focus and develop a positive rapport throughout the session.

When speakers rise to the challenge to master the content and prepare for their presentations, there are conspicuous changes throughout the bureau. There is less contention with legal requirements and more focus on communicating messages. Questions are purposeful and indicate a new enthusiasm born of interest. Of course, the greatest indicator of our success is that we help you achieve your goals.