Resources for the "Master Communicator"

Tired of feeling like “just another speaker?”

MedSpeaker for the iPhone and iPad, provides healthcare professionals an amazingly intuitive and personalized plan to deliver presentations that create powerful learning environments.

Built on the popular workshop, Owning A Presentation You Didn’t Create™, walk step-by step through the process of focusing your presentation to meet the needs of each audience.

• Generate intellectual buy-in right from the beginning.
• Plan when and how to divert from the data-dump.
• Review tips to increase your confidence and effectiveness.
• Extract maximum benefit from important data slides.
• Satisfy your sponsor’s need, but more importantly, satisfy your audience’s need for useful information.

Whether you are presenting promotional material, CME or Grand Rounds; taking a few minutes with MedSpeaker will take your presentations to a whole new level of effective.


Watch this video and learn how to use our iPhone app MedSpeaker. Prepare a presentation that targets the needs of your audience, uses your slides, organizes your content and plans for interaction. Use this as your speaking notes!