About McGrath Communications

We are dedicated to the healthcare space. It's what we do.

So much is riding on each facilitator, AND this is a key issue to our clients - The question is, how do we insure the quality of our instructors?

Many companies hire actors/actresses to conduct training, but doctors resent thinking that good speakers are acting. They are scientists, not actors! Many (but not all) other companies share the same rotating stable of facilitators - each facilitator teaching something slightly different.

Before any McGrath facilitator trains a single program, he or she is certified by our staff and teaches only our programs (we self-certify because we found no outside entity that meets our exacting requirements). To maintain peak performance, we hold mandatory live training sessions for all our facilitators three times a year. And the average length of time someone has been training with us is over 9 years. We also have our facilitators leading discussions at the very promotional meetings where these clinicians speak. We know the context. We’ve been there - so our training reflects a real personal knowledge of the speakers' world.

Our expertise is preparing physicians so that they have mastery of your content, and can confidently address the issues they face. We know how to encourage speakers to operate in keeping with legal guidelines and increase their skills to become effective communicators within those regulations. Our skills are designed to facilitate that approach and make the speakers more effective at delivering the messages their audiences need to hear.